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2022 Korean American Day Art Contest Awardees
  • Announcement
  • Tuesday, November 02, 2021

2022 Korean American Day Art Contest Awardees
Thank you for your participation, and congratulations on your award.
Please see the attached list for the result.


 <Awardees Next Steps>
1. Please check your email to see the online award ceremony instructions.
2. Please check the info on the awardees list and let us know if there is an error.  


Grand Prize: Trophy and $500 Scholarship 
1st Place:  Award Plaque and $100 Scholarship
2nd Place: Award Certificate and $50 Scholarship
Honorable Mention: Award Certificate and gift card
Special Awards: Award Certificate and $100 Scholarship

All the awarded artworks will be included in the 2022 calendar. 


1st Exhibition: 11/29/2021 ~ 12/10/2021  
                Korean Education Center in Los Angeles, 1st Floor Lobby 
                (680 Wilshire Pl. Los Angeles, CA 90005)
Grand Prize, First Place, Second Place, and Special award artworks will be exhibited in the lobby.
Due to the space limitation, all Honorable Mentions will be exhibited on a slideshow. 

2nd Exhibition: 12/15/2021 ~ 12/19/2021 
                Cerritos Library (18025 Bloomfield Ave. Cerritos, CA 90703)
                Due to space limitations, all Honorable Mentions will be only exhibited online. 

Online Exhibition: Video will be uploaded on on 12/1/2021.


 <Online Award Ceremony>
Due to the pandemic, we are replacing the in-person award ceremony with an online ceremony. 
We will create a ceremonial video and upload it on on January 13th, 2022 3:00 pm.


<Artwork Pick-up>
1. Grand Prize, 1st Place, 2nd Place, Special Awards: 01/ 10/ 2022 ~ 02/ 11/ 2022
2. Honorable Mentions: 11/ 22/ 2021 ~ 1/ 14/ 2022 
3. Un-Awarded Artwork: 11/ 04/ 2021 ~ 12/ 30/ 2021 
   (In-person pick up only, with a small participation gift) 

KECLA will not be responsible for any artwork not picked up after this period.


Grand Prize                        
David Jang (11th)   Cerritos High School    Finding Joy in Pain 

1st Place    Chloe Rim      Pico Canyon Elementary School   제목 미정
2nd Place   Amy Chung   La Canada Elementary School       I Love Earth as a Korean-American
Honorable Mention    
Ailyn Kim                Laguna Road Elementary School   Ramen Party
Caden Cho             New Covenant Academy                Enjoying Korean Foods with my Family
Jenna Lieberman   Canyon Vista Elementary School    All Aboard the Korean Express!


1st Grade
1st Place     Emma Chong   St. Brendan School                      We Dance Together
2nd Place    Sophie Song  Porter Ranch Community School   Time Machine
Honorable Mention       
Aiden Cha          St. Brendan School                           Once Upon a Time in America
Chloe Lia Yoo    Golden Hill Elementary School          My Father's Soccer Club
Taeleen Kim       St. James Elementary School           Beautiful Day at Disneyland

2nd Grade
1st Place    Nael Blue Kim    First Lutheran Elementary School    Korean in Major League
2nd Place   Clayton Nah       3rd St. Elementary School                제목 미정
Honorable Mention       
Min Kwak           Brywood Elementary School            Kite Flying
Mindy Ji             Cathedral Chapel School                  My Family Picture
Nathan Choe     Rise Kohyang Elementary School    Everyday Korean BBQ

3rd Grade 
1st Place    Eric M Kim    Porter Ranch Community School   제목 미정
2nd Place   Ian Jeon       Pilgrim School                                 Korea Stands in the Center of America
Honorable Mention       
Chloe Sion Hahm   Hicks Canyon Elementary School      I Love Taekwondo!
Elliot Paik               Wilshire Park Elementary School       Rising K-Culture in America
Jacob Kim              3rd St. Elementary School                  Taekwon Boy

4th Grade
1st Place     Helena K. Oh   Wonderland Ave. Gifted Magnet School   Magic Fan
2nd Place   Caleb Hyun     St. Brendan School                     Korea inside America
Honorable Mention       
 Ari Suh                       Cahuenga Elementary School       Korean Festival
Grace Song                3rd St. Elementary School              Share the Taste
Nathan Seungju Yoo  Golden Hill Elementary School       Holloween with Korean Traditional Masks

5th Grade
1st Place    Olivia Yang       Charles H. Kim Elementary School   K-Movie in Hollywood
2nd Place   Danielle Park    Palm Crest Elementary School         My Culture I Share
Honorable Mention       
Elliot Yi             Horace Mann Elementary School      Team of Heros
Hajoon Kwon   Charles H. Kim Elementary School    Hibiscus in Roses
Minah Park       Melrose Elementary School               제목 미정

6th Grade
1st Place   Eliana Lee   Larchmont Charter School                      Korea's Proud Beauty!
2nd Place   Irene Lee    The Science Academy STEM Magnet    Back to Normal 2022
Honorable Mention       
Hannah Lee       Pico Canyon Elementary School           Feel the Rhythm of Korea
Kristen Chung    Fairhaven Christian Academy               Korean Food in America
Rachael Lee      The Science Academy STEM Magnet   Proud Korean Culture BTS and K-POP

7th Grade
1st Place     Jiwoo Ryu       Bell Intermediate School                 We Live Together
2nd Place   Hyeona Kim     Rosemont Middle School               The Way for Country
Honorable Mention            
Audrey Kang     First Avenue Middle School    Korean in America
Hyounah Kim    Robert C. Fisler School           Children Learn Korea
Nicole Kim         First Avenue Middle School    This is Home

8th Grade
1st Place     Matilda King        Eleanor J. Toll Middle School    Picnic at the Korean Bell of Friendship
2nd Place   Joseph Nakatsu   Notredame Academy                We Protect Ourselves
Honorable Mention       
Erin Ryu         St. Brendan School                              Statue of Peace
Jungmin Oh   Portola Highly Gifted Magnet School    America's Korean Workers
Sally Kim       Rosemont Middle School                      The Difficult Trip to the Dream Land

9th Grade
1st Place    Haley Park    Oxford Academy   The Korean American Dream
2nd Place   Hannah Hong   Oxford Academy   Korean History in the Air
Honorable Mention
Chole Yong       Chatsworth Charter High School   I love Korean and American Culture
Rachael Park    Portola High School                       Gates to Other Nations
Sam Kang         Home School                                 Korean-Americans: In the Light

10th Grade
1st Place      Connor Ku     Yorba Linda High School   Stand Together
2nd Place     Andrew Han   Ayala High School             For the Future
Honorable Mention
David Ko         Troy High School              Korea Stands Out in the World Through Education
Joel Jang        Sunny Hills High School   The First of American History
Kayla Ha         West High School             History Through Generation

11th Grade
1st Place    Edward S. Park   Los Alamitos High School                   Diaspora
2nd Place   Candice Lee       Granada Hills Charter High School     Mural
Honorable Mention
Christina Choi   Northwood High School        Art of Discipline
Minji Kang         Palos Verdes High School    Looking into Korea's Culture through America
Sharon Park      South High School                Korean American Identity

12th Grade
1st Place     Kevin Lee    Troy High School                    The Trials and Tribulations of Korean Americans
2nd Place   Casey Cho   Glen A. Wilson High School   The Struggle for the Right to Dream
Honorable Mention
Jack Han           Irvine High School               Mirrored history
Joshua Shinn    Diamond Bar High School   Hana Honolulu
Tiffany Kwon     South High School               My Culture's Pride in LA


민주평통LA협의회장상 (National Unification Advisory Council, LA)
Elliot Paik                  (3rd)    Wilshire Park Elementary School    Rising K-Culture in America
Jacob Kim                 (3rd)    3rd St. Elementary School               Taekwon Boy
Seohyun Sarah Koh  (3rd)   Nixon Academy                                Joy of Unity

미주한인재단상 (Korean American Foundation of USA)
Zoe Kim          (2nd)    3rd St. Elementary School              Peaceful Unity
Edward Hong  (4th)    Wonderland Avenue School            Spirit of Korea
Gloria Paik      (6th)    Thomas Starr King Middle School   Koreatown Stands Together Today!
Jiwoo Ryu       (7th)    Bell Intermediate School                  We Live Together
Irene Yoon       (8th)    Rosemont Middle School                Differences Shine

김좌진장군기념사업회장상 (Kimjwajin Foundation)
Kailey Chung  (1st)   Citizen of the World Charter School   Korea inside America
Elizabeth Kim  (4th)  St. James' Episcopal School               Westcoast Utopia
Elsie Kang       (5th)  Loma Linda Academy                         Korean Harmony Tiger

국군포로송환위원회장상 (Korean War POW Affairs)
Ina Park              (1st)    Montessori in Redlands             Korea: The Land of Stories
Eugene Cheung (6th)    Bridgeport Elementary School   My Proud Identity
Haena Park        (6th)    Loma Linda Academy                Korea's Victory
Audrey Lee        (10th)   Brea Olinda High School           제목 미정
Susan Cho         (10th)  Chadwick School                       Korean-American Parade

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