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  • Educational Facilities
    • 1st floor: 1 auditorium (200 seats), Korean History and Culture Experience Hall, Korean American Immigration History Exhibition Hall, resource room (1 room), classroom (2 rooms)
    • 2nd floor: classroom (7 rooms), computer room (1 room), office (2 rooms), lounge (1 room)
  • Lease / Rental
    Profits are used to operate educational programs at the Korean American Education Foundation.
    • 1-day rental: Auditorium (200 seats), lecture room (20 seats/30 seats/100 seats) rental
    • Long-term lease of office space (3rd to 4th floors in the building)
Korean History and Culture Experience Hall

It opened in January 2020 on the first floor to help establish the identity of Korean Americans and to promote Korean history and culture. It explains the development of Korea's history and culture in Korean and English by dividing it into periods, from Old Joseon 5,000 years ago to the Korean Empire era about 100 years ago. It is a popular place for students and the general public to understand Korea, as it displays a large historical timeline that allows you to easily understand Korea's long history at a glance and relics from each era that allow you to experience Korean culture.

Korean American Immigration History Exhibition Hall

It was installed in February 2022 next to the Korean History and Culture Experience Hall to promote the immigration history of Korean Americans. It displays explanatory materials and photos of major events by year, showing the development process of Korean American immigration history, which started in 1903. It introduces Korean cultures, such as Hanok, Hanbok, Korean food, and Taekwondo, from the student's eye level, making it a space for education and activities on the history of Korean immigration.