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Key Responsibilities

Education Programs for Korean Americans

We provide Korean language, history, culture, and arts education programs to help Korean American young generations grow up with pride and identity as Korean Americans. We hold events such as Korean American Day Art Contest and Hangawi Festival every year. In addition, through liberal arts and cultural education for Korean American adults, we strengthen the Korean community's solidarity and support stable settlement in the local area.

Korean Language Dissemination

By actively supporting the establishment and operation of Korean language classes in public schools in the United States, we contribute to enhancing Korea's international status and relationship with the United States.

Also, we broaden the basis of Korean language learning through teacher training, cultural experience, textbook development support, and opportunities such as Summer Program in Korea and scholarships.

Korean School Support

Korean (Hangul) School is an educational institution established autonomously by Korean Americans to teach the Korean language, history, and culture to 2nd and 3rd generation Korean Americans. Therefore, we support Korean language schools to become the center of education for the Korean American community. In addition, in cooperation with the Korean School Association of America (KOSAA), we hold annual Korean language school teacher training and school consulting projects.

Support for study abroad and international educational exchange between Korea and the United States

We support the academic and research activities of government-funded international students from Korea who come to the United States. We provide information about studying abroad in Korea to local students in the United States and support their study abroad in Korea by administering the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) three times a year, which is required for studying abroad and employment in Korea. We also support educational exchanges with the Korean government, local governments, and districts and conduct promotional activities on Korean education.