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Korean Heritage Program

Clay & Hanji Paper Arts (SAT)

Clay & Hanji paper art class develops students' art skills to express their creative and imaginative minds using clay and tra....

Korean Heritage Program

Korean 3-1 (Mon, Wed)

Students will practice Korean words and expressions related to daily life such as experiences, food, promises, prohibitions, ....

Korean Heritage Program

Taekwondo (Sat)

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, characterized by punching and kicking techniques, with emphasis on head-height kicks, jump....

Special Program

Introductory Korean 2

Instructor: Myunghee Kim It is a class for students who have finished introductory Korean 1. The class reviews the Korean al....

Special Program

Introductory Korean 1

Instructor: Yuna Lee It is a class for students who have just started learning Korean. Students will learn to read and write....


Korean Education Center in Los Angeles (KECLA) is an organization established by the Republic of Korea, dedicated to provide Korean language and culture education to Korean Americans in California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico, in order to refine identity and pride in one's heritage.

What we offer

Education programs for Korean Americans
Korean language dissemination
Korean school support
Guidance for International Students and Support for international education exchange

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Korean American Education Foundation

The Korean American Education Foundation is a non-profit organization registered with the California state government. The Korean Education Center in Los Angeles is under the foundation to promote Korean language and culture education in the United States.

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