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Grant Applications for Korean Clubs in Schools
  • Announcement
  • Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Korean Club Grant

KECLA is accepting grant applications for Korean Clubs in public schools for 2023-2024. Please submit the application form with an official grant request letter signed by the advisory teacher by 10/30/23. After careful review, we will select ten Korean clubs to receive up to a $500 grant. The club must have at least five members, including the advisory teacher, to apply for this grant.

The check will be issued to the advisory teacher. If you want the check issued to the school name or PTA, please specify the name on the school information form. Please be advised that the check cannot be issued to a student.  

Please be advised that this grant requires receipt submission for the expenses. By applying for this grant, you agree to submit the Receipt Submission Form and a copy of receipts by 06/28/24. If the Korean club fails to submit the receipts, it will be eliminated from any KECLA grant opportunities in the future.


< Guidelines>

1) Application Forms (Due by 10/30/23):

  1. Official grant request letter with advising teacher’s signature.
  2. School Information Form
  3. Korean Club Activity Plan Form
  4. Grant Plan Form


2) A formal letter of request must:

  • Be signed by the advisory teacher.
  • Include two things: (1) An assurance that the grant will only be used to enrich the Korean club; (2) An indication that the Korean Club will continue to maintain for Fall 2023 - Spring 2024.


4) For the School Information Form, please fill out every box.


5) For the receipt submission paperwork due on 6/28/24, please keep in mind the following:

  • The fund should be used only for things related to the Korean club.
  • Receipts must be attached in the order listed on the receipt summary form provided.
  • All receipts must include vendor information (vendor name, address, and phone number), item information (name, quantity, and price), and the total amount paid. It should not be overlapped with other receipts.
  • If there is a returned item, please attach a return receipt and the original receipt.
  • Please keep copies of receipts for your records. Incomplete receipt submissions, such as missing or partially appearing receipts, will require resubmission.
  • Receipts related to Field Trip must attach the proper invoice and lesson information.


For any questions or concerns, please contact

213-386-3112 or email:


Attachments: Application Form & Receipt Form

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